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What Do You Think Of All those Budget Gyms in London?

What do you think of all those new low-budget fitness gyms that popped up in London recently?
To be honest, I wish those large gym chains like Pure Gym and others wouldn’t buy out many of those other gyms.

fitness-gymI have noticed that the quality and the service of those newer gyms can often be seriously lacking.

To me it seems that all what those budget gyms do is that they want to get as much people in their gyms as possible by luring them with their low prices. But to me it seems there’s always some disadvantage.

They don’t care about friendly service any more and a lot of those fitness studios I noted have very outdated equipment, like they don’t care any longer to get the best machines. I guess it’s you get what you pay for.

What do you think about those large fitness gyms in London?

If you ask me, I have not seen any reason to switch to another gym seeing what’s going on in London right now. I’m still very happy with my favourite gym in Hackney London Fields fitness. I like their trainers which are always friendly and most importantly the know their stuff. I have seen some guys in other studios where it looked to me that those guys are just some students they hired but they didn’t really have any training or whatever qualifications. And for me, knowing that I always can get qualified help when I need it is very important, especially if I am not entirely sure about what routines I should do.