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Tips If You Want Cognitive Behavioural Therapy In The UK

CBT-3If you’re one of those many folks in the UK who suffer from anxiety, depression or any other mood disorders, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) can be a good option.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is my opinion much better than normal psychotherapy since it is all about helping a person with their problems and not so much about digging in the past to see what may have caused them.

It is a good form psychological therapy not only if you suffer from anxiety but it can also help you with many other every-day problems, from eating disorders to shyness and low confidence and it may even bring the spark back in your love life!

In the UK, there is just one problem if you want a therapist and you happen to get one from the NHS: You cannot choose the therapist and need to stick with the one they give you. But what can be even worse is that oftentimes you cannot just arrange a suitable schedule with the therapist but need to adapt to their hours and not the other way around.

If you choose a private CBT therapist, this can be much better. Most of the time, you can choose from many different therapists so you can visit the one you like best. You can also more-likely arrange the best hours for a therapy with the therapist, which can be extremely helpful if you have a busy lifestyle.

At London anxiety therapy you can find a private CBT therapist if you happen to be from London or other areas of the UK. There you can also find many helpful resources about cognitive behavioural therapy and how it can help you with your problems.