History Of The German Christmas Markets

Bratwurst, hot Gl├╝hwein and spicy gingerbread: There is almost no major town in the UK where you wouldn’t find the one or the other German Christmas market going on right now.

But do you know how this German tradition made it here to us in the UK? How is it possible that a German tradition is now an attraction in most of our city centers?

The BBC has a rather interesting article than will shed a light on this!

Let me mention some of the startling things from the article: The Frankfurt Market in Birmingham had almost five million visitors last year! Almost nine million people went to the Manchester’s 300-stall market, which has seen huge growth ever since it started up in 1999 as a small market with a mere 15 stalls.

What is also interesting is that our German Christmas markets are a rather recent thing here in the UK. Twenty years ago those markets were almost non-existent. It was just in the last 15 years that they popped up in many towns where they quickly grew very popular!