The Life of a Secret Singer

Here is a nice video I found about the life and work of The Singing Waiters in London. In case you don’t know who the Singing Waiters are, they are an immensely popular surprise entertainment group that is performing all across the United Kingdom and elsewhere. The Singing Waiters from London are so popular that they are usually always booked out, so in case you are thinking about booking them you may want to do this plenty ahead.

If you want to learn more about the singing waiters from London, you may want to check out their blog at www.secret


First Aid Readiness at Sports Events

sports injuries
Hardly ever is a major sports event happening without the one or the other injury. Fortunately, the majority of sports injuries is minor.

It’s likely that we all at some point witnessed or even experienced for ourselves sports injuries such as strained or swollen muscles, injuries of the tendons or the one or the other scrape of the knees.

Other types of sports injuries can be a lot more serious and will require immediate professional attention to avoid further complications. think about a broken leg at skiing or worse.

And it’s exactly those types of more serious sport injuries where it can be immensely helpful that a good number of those attending know about the proper first aid techniques. The reason for this is that it will almost always take some time for a medical professional to be on the scene. The purpose of first aid is that the best possible help to the injured can be given in those critical minutes.

You may be the head of a professional sports team or you may simply enjoy the occasional ballgame in your free time together with your buddies. No matter what, it can be a good idea to look into the benefits of knowing about first aid.

Why conventional first aid training classes may not be suitable for you

It may well be the case that your local health provider or your community college offers public training courses. The problem with those classes is that they are often more general which makes them rather unsuitable when it comes to sports injuries. for that reason it can be a better option if you get in touch with a local provider that can offer you specialized first aid training classes with a focus on common sports injuries. This way you and your team can learn all that is required to be ready to help in the case of sports injuries and accidents.

A Good School Is Where It All Starts

private-schoolsIf you want to make sure that your children get the best education you cannot start early enough with this!

One of the most important decisions here can be about your children’s school – without a question!

A school with a rather poor education standard can well be THE major obstacle in your children’s life later on.

It can even mean that your children’s chances for a good job can be very limited since employers today may look very closely at your children’s school history.

Unfortunately, if we’re talking about good education, public schools in the UK are not exactly the best option. Public schools suffer from a number of problems that can range from overcrowded classrooms, stressed teachers to often limited extracurricular activities.

There is no way around the fact that a private school can be a much better choice if you want the best for your children. Most of our private schools don’t suffer from those above problems. With less children per class come more dedicated teachers and as a result of this also better grades. For those children who love sports, private schools by and large can offer a lot more as compared to the UK’s public schools.

For parents who see that public schools cannot offer their children the education they deserve there are some good news: Private schools today are not just for the wealthy elite anymore. Several private schools in our nation today are now rather affordable which makes this an attractive alternative for a lot more families.

If you’re looking for a suitable private school for your children I recommend you start here with this list. Make sure you contact your local private schools and compare their offers and costs side-by-side. Here in Hertfordshire I can recommend the Kingshottschool as the prep school in Hertfordshire you should look into for your children.

Last Week At The Exeter Racecourse

Me and my buddies have been to the races this weekend, this time we visited the Racecourse in Exeter, the Exeter Jockey Club. This is one of the tracks I really like and we always have a load of fun when we’re there.

We also found out that they will be celebrating Devon Day on November 23rd so we’ll definitely be back soon!

If you check their site, there is some more information of what will be offered on Devon Day at the Exeter Racecourse on Sunday, November 23. The racecourse will be staging the first ever race for Dartmoor’s native ponies!! This is one event I am looking forward since I love ponies!!

The pony race will start at 12pm and afterwards the Clydesdales will take centre stage with professional jockeys’ on board.

Of course there will be lots of foods and drinks and a grand farmers market too along with some local bands. All in all there will be seven races!

To get there they have a free bus free bus from Exeter St David’s at 11.15am and the Bus and Coach Station 11.30am!

The best thing you can do is simply check their site at, there is a little more information if you want to come too!

Also, before I forget: Check the Horseracingpro site for some cool racing tips, he is a great horse racing tipster always good for a helpful tip! I can highly recommend Bob’s competent advice!